Senjata PB untuk CS 1

[Weapon] spas 15 for Cstrike/Czero

Link :​nloadfile/15067241/​.html

[Weapon] AK-47 G. for Cstrike/Czero

AK-47 G is an Ak-47 type weapons that barrel coated by gold. This weapon has an attractiveappearance and greater strength compared to other AK-47.

Note : This for AK47/CV-47 models

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[Weapon] Aug A3. for Cstrike/Czero

No Description.

Note : This for Aug/Bullpup models.

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[Weapon] F2000 Ext. for Cstrike/Czero

F2000 Ext. is a weapon that was developed in Belgium. This weapon has a much visibilitybecause it comes with a long barrel and has a high accuracy. These weapons are easy to carry in the battlefield.

Note  : This for sg552/krieg models

Link Download :

[Weapon] K2. for Cstrike/Czero

K-2 is a weapon that was developed in Korea. This weapon is a combination of M16 andAK-47. Advantages possessed by these weapons is to have a range far and easy to use butshortcomings lies in its accuracy.

Note : This for galil models

Link Download :

[Weapon] L115A1. for Cstrike/Czero

No Description.

Note : This for Awp/Magnum models

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[Weapon] Dragunov. for Cstrike/Czero

Dragunov sniper is a weapon that was developed in the Soviet Union. Is the development ofan AK-47. Those advantages are on his shot semi-automatic. Have 10 bullets in a magazineand has great strength.

Note : This for g3sg1 models.

Link Download :

[Weapon] PSG-1. for Cstrike/Czero

PSG-1 is a sniper weapon that was developed in Germany by H & K has the highestaccuracy rate of all types of semi-automatic sniper weapon. Have 5 bullets in a magazineand have great power but there are weaknesses on the weight of this weapon.

Notes : This for sg550 models.

Link Download :

[Weapon] M1887. for Cstrike/Czero

Unlike the predecessor model yes it 870MCS, M1887 has a Chrome Coating, Woodenstronger so that has destroyed the power as men and attraction like a woman.

Note : This for M3 models.

Link Download :​15385821/

[Weapon] MP5K. for Cstrike/Czero

No Description.

Note : This for mp5 models

Link Download :

[Weapon] C.Phyton for Cstrike/Czero

Pistol revolver produced by the Colt Company in America, uses 357 magnum ammo, have the longest 8-inch barrel, and have destroyed a great power.

Note : This for deagle models.

Link Download :

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